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Fusion Academy

A brand new program, forged to raise education for everyone

A project that offers solutions for all cultured and interested people, explaining bases of innovation.

The fusion between art and technology
A Cosmic House Foundation project initiative designed to support artists learn the technical skills and standards required to succeed.

Art can now reach its public easier and culture lovers can get to what they want earlier, while sustaining a whole community of emerging people. Yet, we realized that without handling the financial and new era educational problem, artists will never form a self sustainable community.

We intend to hold workshops and free trainings based on new financial methods and apps, how to use them and when to use them. Our main purpose is to help artists connect with art lovers and direct both groups to living in a self-sustainable community.

We plan on creating a new financial education course for artists and people related to cultural domains in order to help them successfully undertake Media Arts projects, NFT collections and Art focused DAOs.

The Cosmic Fusion Academy is an idea that sustains the fusion between media arts, financial education and technology.

Artists need to learn new technologies in order to succeed.
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