Near vs. Far

Eva Dolha13-21 NOV 2021

Eva Dolha's show is the third stage of the exhibition of the artist's small-scale works, gathered in the "Near vs. Far" collection.

"Near vs. Far", version The Cosmic House / Mendel Collective is a transgenerational project that will bring together one hundred and sixty of Eva Dolha's works and in which artists from different generations, different schools and different mentalities, decades apart, will operate dynamically integrated performative means and aimed at creating a bridge between generations, between "Near" and "Far".

The curatorship and direction of the performative moments are signed by Cătălin Bocîrnea, and the performers will be Prof. Dr. Dorel Găină, the musician Micha Mendel/ Men-D and the actress Cătălina Nichitin.

The performance by Prof. Dorel Găină will take place in an intimate, one-to-one setting, respecting the health restrictions specific to the pandemic period.

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