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Magnus Karlsson Art Gallery in Stockholm, Sweden

Magnus Karlsson's art gallery

The Magnus Karlsson Art Gallery is one of Sweden’s most memorable centers for contemporary art. If you’ve ever wanted to visit the country and get to know modern Swedish art, make sure you visit this place.

White, open and bright rooms full of art in all its forms are waiting to be discovered. The atmosphere is warm, welcoming and friendly, so feel free to bring the whole family.


Exhibitions change regularly so you’ll have the chance to see not only the work of local talent but also creators from around the world. Here you can find a wide range of media. Maria Nordin and her surreal watercolours. Amy Cutler‘s humorous paper waddle. Views painted by Tommy Hilding that seem to draw you into their world, to avant-garde masterpieces, Mette Björnberg being a good example here.


Similar to Romania’s art centre, The Cosmic House, Magnus Karlsson Art Gallery’s mission is to promote new and emerging artists. Talent, much of it local, makes the artistic landscape constantly evolving and never outdated. Creating new relationships with artists, access to a voice and aesthetic impact through exhibitions and installations, is also part of the core values. So if you’re a budding artist looking for inspiration or a place to meet like-minded young creators, you might find it here.


Speaking of meeting new people and building fruitful relationships, Galleri Magnus Karlsson has a summer project room called Hellvi Kännungs. Located on the island of Gotland, it has a quiet and beautiful atmosphere, while serving as a meeting point for artists and regular art lovers – a perfect way to meet people who share your passion and make friends with them.

However, what makes it truly unique is that it is completely different from typical urban galleries. If aesthetic diversity and meaningful relationships formed through art are what you’re looking for, then the Magnus Karlsson Art Gallery is the place for you.

So make it your next cultural destination. A whole new world awaits you!

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