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Join us in supporting and expanding the role of art in our community.

We have the tools, knowledge, and solutions that help arts and culture thrive in our region.

By donating, you are directly investing in the most trenchant cultural program possible and the future of a self-sustainable community. Together, we can build a community of openness, empowerment and innovation.

Patron of the Cosmic House Arts Centre

Along with the generous contributions of our patrons who offer financial support, time, expertise and resources, Cluj-Napoca’s arts scene is continuing to glow and thrive.

We celebrate and recognize organizations and individuals who sustain our work with artists at every stage of their careers, enabling them to achieve their highest potential.

Volunteering Program For Culture

The Cosmic House Arts Centre relies on a powerful team of committed volunteers to ensure our workshops, arts and community programs run smoothly and safely.

We invite you to join a dedicated, warm and dynamic group of souls who keep us going and play a key role in helping the art center grow and prosper.

Art Projects

The Cosmic House Arts Fund supports artists, curators and people interested in culture from different countries and regions in the realization of their projects planned mutually and on a fair or equal division of creative input and effort.

Our will is to promote international networks in visual arts, music, culture and education through innovative artistic and curatorial work.

Artists are invited to submit works from any sphere: painting, singing, drawing, performing, sculpture, printmaking, ceramics, photography, textile design, film, installation, digital or any mixed media.

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