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Community 156

Communitatea 156 is one of the largest long-term projects hosted by the Cosmic House Foundation

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Visual arts educational project

Community 156 is a group of students and teachers from the High School of Visual Arts “Romulus Ladea” Cluj-Napoca who carry out extracurricular projects designed to cultivate culture and highlight young talent.

The group builds a community and organizes educational and promotional activities. From courses in linocut, photography, mural painting, graphic design, to national and international art exhibitions and competitions – take advantage of any opportunity for artistic development and anchor it in current professional realities.

Mazerschi Sergiu-Georgian, the founder of Community 156, fulfills his mission and brings culture and art with us, engaging in workshops and constant activities at The Cosmic House Art Center. Explained in the words of its creator, the idea of the project reads as follows: “We want to facilitate students’ access to creative communities and industries, helping them to develop their freedom and professional responsibility. We continuously create and strengthen a coherent identity for the community and its members. Through all this we contribute to changing the paradigm of the traditional education system. “

Supporting education and culture on its path to success is our mission, but the lack of funds affects everyone, especially young artists. That is why we are constantly working together and working together for a better future.

The group will organize workshops for passionate people and bring eternal and innovative art. We will support and work hand in hand with the team to reach the full potential of the arts.

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