We are heading towards to create the CosmicFlip, an idea that sustains the fusion between art and technology, backing projects, mining NFT's and inspiring people to innovate.

Art is a good store of value that many people appreciate these days, yet the artists need ways to get technology on their side in order to reach the top, that’s why we aim to create limited collections of NFTs structured on the CosmicHouse ideas on a virtual blockchain platform.

We want to offer a constantly filled art fund, an updated and free community and nevertheless to overcome once and for all the issue of dying culture. Our projects intend to build as many opportunities as possible for the public, art lovers and businesses to meet the power of creation. Affordable art and an affordable way of living for artists, all put together with cultural places that can perpetuate the movement and save precious innovation and creativity.

The complexity of this project comes from it’s particular mission- to create a decentralised, self-sustainable cultural community.

Art can now reach its public easier and culture lovers can get to what they want sooner, while sustaining a whole community of emerging people.

We are planning on building a highly accessible platform for our users and increasing adoption to save the culture. Our future platform’s digital assets like paintings, arts, trading cards, avatars and other crypto-collectibles could be traded and used in different manners by the buyers.

Our collections aim to create a member-owned community without centralised leadership and to offer the public both a safe place to commit funds to a specific cause and a pleasant way to collaborate with artists.

In Decentralised autonomous organisations anyone can watch all the funding, suggestions, votes and actions. NFT owners represent DAO and its mission- to create a self sustainable cultural community– ruling it while respecting a specific set of commonly shared ideas.

The Cosmic Collections and profits will be entirely dedicated to artists and culture.

Our goals for 2022 are to reach into the top and extend our community while producing at least 2 NFT Collections.

We plan on creating connections between artists from the underground culture to museums as well as launching the first curated collections in our group.

– The Cosmic House –

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