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Van Gogh Museum and the life of Van Gogh


Van Gogh’s life and the usefulness of galleries

Art galleries exist to highlight the work of visual artists and to exhibit them to a wider public. They are an important resource for artists looking to break into the art world, helping them gain exposure and recognition for their work.

Unfortunately, Van Gogh could not benefit from this. However, nowadays the Van Gogh Museum is one of the top cultural places you will find in Europe.

Where is the Van Gogh Museum?

Located in the south of Amsterdam, the Van Gogh Museum is the largest museum in the Netherlands dedicated specifically to the works of Vincent van Gogh and his contemporaries.

The collection in this museum comprises 2,000 works, from Van Gogh’s early works to his final hand-drawn works. The Van Gogh Museum has the largest collection of Van Gogh paintings and drawings in the world.

The museum is located at Museumplein, Amsterdam-Zuid, at Paulus Potterstraat 7, between the Stedelijk Museum and the Rijksmuseum and consists of two buildings, the Rietveld building.

Van Gogh Museum building?

The museum was designed by Dutch architects Kisho Kurokawa and Gerrit Rietveld and opened in 1973.

The Rietveld building is an example of Dutch functionalism and has three floors, with a basement and a mezzanine overlooking the main lobby. The purpose-built structure was designed to house the collection and is considered one of the most important examples of Rietveld’s work outside his native country.

Impressionist and Post-Impressionist Movements

The museum displays notable works of art by Van Gogh’s contemporaries from the Impressionist and Post-Impressionist movements and has extensive exhibitions on various subjects in 19th-century art history.

Life of Van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh decided to become an artist when he was 27. This decision would change his life and art forever. In 1883 and 1885, Vincent moved back with his family to Nuenen, a village, where he painted and sketched farmers, weavers and workers. Vincent van Gogh created The Potato Eaters as a result of this experience.

In Paris, he studied art to improve his technique. After two years living in Paris, Vincent has created a distinct visual style with vibrant colours. However, after another two years of living in the crowded city, he felt his inspiration waning. He spent a year in the psychiatric hospital St. Rémy de Provence. He produced about 150 photographs, including Almond Blossom, in 1889 at that time.

His death

Vincent van Gogh committed suicide in Auvers-sur-Oise on 27 July 1890. Vincent was disturbed by his future finances, which he felt might be insufficient. On top of that, his mental health was fragile.

Why visit the Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam?

In the Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam, there are over 1,400 works by Vincent van Gogh, including about 200 paintings. This is the city’s most visited museum, despite the fact that van Gogh was never famous in his day. If you want to see “Sunflower” in the “flesh”, this is the place to be… It’s also a good location to learn more about Vincent’s troubled personal life and to see his lesser-known works.

Like the Cosmic House Foundation, the entire museum community values great artists and has the deepest respect for art. This is the place where you can explore the vivid imagination of one of the greatest artists ever, enjoy the beauty of colours and brushes and experience the power of his art up close. You will see his paintings up close and be inspired by the creativity and curiosity of this incredible artist. Like Cosmic House, the museum is thirsty for cultured people and valuable art.

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